Tuesday, 30 October, 2018

8.30 - 11.00pm
£7 on the door

The most recent album from Denys Baptiste, 'The Late Train' is a reimagining and reworking of ten carefully chosen composition from John Coltrane’s late music (from 1963 - 1967) with a fresh and modern new interpretation, The Late Trane perfectly balances Denys Baptiste’s unique artistic vision with the visceral emotions and cosmic references that encompasses Coltrane’s late music.
"With Late Trane, Denys Baptiste has achieved something special and important. He has opened another rare window onto one of the greatest moments in jazz history. He’s made a beautiful and welcoming record that I’m sure will guide others towards those late 60s Impulse masterworks. Denys has once again taken his time. But it’s been worth the wait" - Jez Nelson.