Tuesday, 15 March, 2016

8.30 - 11.00pm
£8 on the door

Steve Rubie/Tim Whitehead Brazilian Jazz Quintet

Steve Rubie has run the 606 Jazz Club since 1976.. "I first set foot in the 606 Club in the late 60’s after a gig with my friend, singer/guitarist Dave Lipson.. Situated at 606 Kings Road it was a unique venue which boasted 7 tables and a log fire, the only heating during the winter months. I was then still at school, although already playing venues, and it was a year later when I started at University in London that I became a regular visitor to the Club. Whilst the rest of my friends were going to parties every weekend, I was off to do gigs! And inevitably, afterwards we would end up at the “6”. It had been taken over in 1969 by an ex-actor and remarkable character called Steve Cartwright who did much to establish the 606 Club as a jazz venue. In those days it was very informal with no booked artists, just musicians dropping in for a play. Five years on I left college and needed a job while I continued to study and practice my music, at which point Steve told me that he was looking for a cook and did I know anyone. I immediately said “Sure I can do that” and overnight became the cook at the 606 Club. I wasn’t exactly Jamie Oliver but I managed to not poison anyone and worked for Steve for almost 18 months. A year on and it’s 1976. I’ve just come back from a tour in Italy and Steve (who sadly died in 2007) approached me and said that he was moving to France and would I like to take over running the Club. I immediately said “Not a chance!” And the rest, as they say, is history.”