Tuesday, 12 July, 2011

8.30 - 11.00pm
£5 on the door

Theo Travis Quartet

The London-based saxophonist and composer Theo Travis has made a name for himself on the British jazz scene for his virtuosity and soulful style as well as his fine compositions. Born in Birmingham, Theo studied classical music at the University of Manchester whilst playing in various jazz and rock bands. "Theo Travis has played on more than 100 albums since 1993. He has an attractive Michael Breckerish sound on uptempo tenor sax, a Stan Getz-to-Andy Sheppard feel on ballads and soft Latin themes, and a poignant ambient tone on flute - with the latter expanded by electronics and echo. Sometimes it's hard to banish the sound of John Thomson purring "n-i-i-i-c-e" from The Fast Show's Jazz Club under these softly throbbing grooves" - John Fordham of The Guardian reviewing Theo's 2 CD compilation 'An Anthology' released earlier this year.