Tuesday, 18 January, 2011

8.30 - 11.00pm
£5 on the door

In the 1980s Deirdre became well known as the guitar presenter of the ground breaking BBC TV series 'Rockschool'. Meanwhile she was also performing and composing for the acclaimed women’s jazz group 'Guest Stars' with whom she recorded three albums and toured in 17 countries. "If there is a more complete guitarist in contemporary music than Deirdre Cartwright - I’d like to know who it is." Dave Gelly, Observer. “Cartwright is a melodic, funky and hard swinging guitarist who has learned from a mixture of rock guitar heroes like Carlos Santana and melodically intricate bop guitar stars such as Tal Farlow” - John Fordham, Guardian. “She’s a terrific player, but displays of blinding technique are not her style. Her strength lies in her ability to absorb the huge variety of modern approaches to the instrument, without copying any of them and produce witty and personal music in the process.” - Dave Gelly, Observer.